What’s this about Macro-commits?

Micro-commits: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • You focus on one thing at a time,
  • your workflow is stable and you rarely end up standing on a burning floor with a crumbling roof above your head,
  • you “save your game” (as the original author put it) and can fall back into your safety net (a.k.a. git reset --hard) at any time instead of having to start from scratch,
  • you are encouraged to share changes with your team early, reducing the risk of a total merge catastrophe,
  • a regular reviewer can easily follow your thought process, making reviewing quick and less of a chore,
  • rebasing small commits on top of a moving branch is easy,
  • the green bathroom tiles on your GitHub profile make you look like a super-hero.
  • You focus on only one thing at a time,
  • the larger your test suite and the longer your build times are, the less attractive it becomes to run the whole thing every few minutes,
  • if you only test changes locally and with only parts of the test suite, breakage may still occur when your changes hit the CI server,
  • if you get carried away, you start spending more time thinking about your commit messages than your actual code,
  • and if you don’t, your commit messages become meaningless and over time your whole history turns into utter rubbish that might as well be truncated,
  • an occasional reviewer wastes a lot of time following your convoluted thought processes from last week, which not even you understand anymore,
  • bisecting a longer history takes longer,
  • bisecting a longer history in which not every commit is green and atomic is a catastrophic waste of time,
  • rebasing a long tail of small commits on top of a moving branch is virtually impossible.

Where Macro-commits save your day

Macro-commits are not coding “landfill-style”

Micro-commits do not necessarily let you rebase

I do not care what you were thinking six days ago

Intermediate commits which are a gorgeous waste of time to review.
Backport PR with three logical macro-commits.

Intermediate commits which do not pass should not exist

Commit messages matter (a lot)

A helpful macro-commit message.
Another helpful macro- (or micro?) commit message.

And lastly: The changelog





Programmer, data scientist, human being, maintainer of KeePassXC

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Janek Bevendorff

Janek Bevendorff

Programmer, data scientist, human being, maintainer of KeePassXC

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